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About Me

Hi, my name is Vaughn Munroe, a meat cutter by trade, a car enthusiast and a model car builder.  I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia at a very young age.  This is my small place on the 'net to share my hobby of building scale model cars.

Why I build model cars?

I call it escapism.  I can escape to my model world, no phone, no computer, no job, no kids.  Although my wife Cheryl asks "Why is the TV on?" I say "White Noise"

The hobby starts for me with buying the kit , I see it finished in my head.  At that point you are the designer, bodyman, mechanic, upholster. 

I think after your days work you should do something with your hands.

Modelling also opens up new worlds - research a cars history could the library, internet, car shows. photograhy , painting with an air-brush and attention to detail.  This seams to carry forward to my real life.  It is social this web site, web forums and with my model buddies.  We get together the third Monday of the month with a theme build.

I am having fun doing it!.  Just do it.

My favs are '50s mild customs and hotrods, although I build anything

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